We provide mining solutions

MSD Mining Solutions prides itself on supplying a service to our clients unmatched by any other mining contractor.


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Our services

At MSD Mining Solutions we believe that there is a solution for any problem encountered in a mining operation and we work with our client to solve any issues the client may have to ensure the mine operates safely and efficiently.

We can provide any mine service required including but not limited to the following:

Production Drilling Specialists

We specialize in Production Drilling and have provided assistance to numerous mines across Australia.

Labour Hire

We have supplied various clients with quality personnel, particularly in the management area.

Underground Infrastructure

We can provide recommendations on the best way forward and a team to build your infrastructure.

Mine Development Projects

We have excellent knowledge and experienced personnel in Mine Development.

We value your safety

MSD Mining Solutions prides itself on safety. Safety is our highest priority when conducting business both in and outside of the workplace. We actively promote safety with our entire workforce and truly believe that safety needs to be an attitude not just a topic.

We take pride in our safe work practices and MSD Mining Solutions will always strive to be a leader in this area continuing to look for ways to promote and improve safety throughout the mining industry as a safe underground mining contractor.

An attitude,
Not just a topic


Maintenance Technique
GPD Goldfields Rockdrill

Our latest projects

Tritton Copper Mine

Aeris Resources

1 x E7C Simba (24hr/7days)
1 x L6C Simba (12hr/7days)
MSD Drillers and Fitters

Feb. 2015 – Jan. 2021

Beta Hunt

Salt Lake Mining

1 x L6C Simba (24hr/7days)
MSD Drillers and Fitters

Apr. 2020 – Mar. 2021

Pajingo Gold Mine

Minjar Gold

1 x S7C Simba (24hr/7days)
1 x 1257 Simba (24hr/7days)
MSD Drillers and Fitters

Oct. 2016 – Dec. 2022