These are the services that we provide

We believe that there is a solution for any problem encountered in a mining operation and we work with our client to solve any issues the client may have to ensure the mine operates safely and efficiently.

Production Drilling

As a premium production driller in Australia, we provide a range of top hammer drill rigs to suit almost every underground production drilling requirement.

Our rigs are ideally set up for:

  • Production stope drilling
  • Longhole and ventilation rise
  • Cable bolt holes
  • Sludge and probe drilling

We support drill consumable options for hole sizes ranging from 64mm through to 204mm reamers, using an appropriate drill string ranging from T38 through to ST68.

We pride ourselves on the quality of the automation and technology available within our fleet of equipment and the ability to utilise the potential of the drills within our business. Auto-drill is used extensively throughout our drill fleet – an immediate benefit to the mine owner with additional metres drilled over shift change.

Our rigs can be setup with the industry-leading alignment hardware/software – Minnovare Production Optimiser.

Make MSD Mining Solutions your underground production drilling solution today.

Underground Infrastructure

The MSD Mining Solutions Management team has extensive experience in completing various infrastructure projects over the course of their careers. They are available to discuss your underground project requirements and provide you with recommendations on the best way forward to build your infrastructure.

Cable Bolting

We can provide a complete drill, install, and grout cable bolting option to your operation utilising an Epiroc Cabletec L. The Epiroc Cabletec L is a high productivity machine and can be adaptable to both cable bolt drilling/installation and production drilling in medium to large drive sizes. This machine is capable of the most demanding cable bolting programs required by your site.

Mine Development

At MSD Mining Solutions, we focus on our client and where they need assistance for their single heading development. Our goal is to provide each client with the highest quality development, safely, in a time frame that meets the client’s needs.

Labour Hire

We can assist in providing both short and long-term labour hire to your mine site to suit your specific needs. Over the years, MSD Mining Solutions has placed a significant number of Operators, Shift Supervisors, Safety Support Staff and Management positions to aid in the efficient operation of mine sites all across Australia.


MSD Mining Solutions provide a reliable service to the mining industry, and as part of that commitment, we supply qualified personnel to maintain our drills while they are onsite. The majority of our fitters have been with the Company for multiple years and have an excellent understanding of the Epiroc equipment.